What Makes a Cuban Sow so Special?

Posted February 1st, 2007 23:14 by Emily

Pigs never judge you. You can say whatever you like to a pig and they listen attentively and impartially.

Elisabeth Bird talks to her pigs. She finds it helps her think clearly and saves her from telling her terrifying mother in law what she really thinks. When she finishes feeding, cleaning and conversing with her porcine friends, she enters her ramshackle abode in deepest Cuba and writes everything down. The result is Conversations With a Cuban Sow, a series of amusing anecdotes and deep thought from an Englishwoman living in Cuba.

Elisabeth’s jottings are all sent to her daughter Emily, still a wage slave in the UK. They contain a fascinating insight into life in Cuba; the politics, the people, the local moonshine which may, or may not, be made from distilled vomit and, most importantly of all, the pigs who listen to her every word so faithfully.